Fragile Communities Meeting
Sep 24, 2018

Fragile Communities Meeting

This initiative seeks to consider methods where Fragile communities can be supported in the context of community/local development. InTSEnSE was showcased to present how Social Enterprise can scale and have both local, regional and international impact. More about: information event and workshop “Fragile communities”.
Tipperary Co Co Strategic Policy Committee: LIT presented the InTSEnSE project, and other Social Enterprise projects, to this Committee focused on Enterprise development in Co. Tipperary. The Committee involves public and private stakeholders and informs and inputs to relevant local and regional policy actions. This presentation stimulated an extensive debate on the concept of Social Enterprise and how to can be developed in the region. Future meetings will be dedicated to this topic in the future.
In the Irish context Social Enterprise presents specific opportunities in a rural development context. InTSEnSE will be presented at the Clare Rural Development Forum on 18th February with a view to stimulating a debate on how Social Enterprises can be supported and encouraged within the region. Social Enterprise is now mentioned in the Clare Rural Development Strategy as a distinctive action.


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