Interviews and multimedia material on Social Enterprise
Mar 27, 2019

Interviews and multimedia material on Social Enterprise

For the Intellectual Output 3 of the Intsense Project, Archivio della Memoria is actually leading the ideation, production, editing and uploading of a video library that will be available on the Intsense Youtube channel.

The Intsense Video Library will become the basis of an infographic and video case study materials for social enterprise international trading practices. This channel will be use as pilot light demonstrations and/or outsourced informal organizational training in the context of partner applicant countries.

Archivio della Memoria and the partners are actually working on the generation of multi media material related to their fields of activity, motives, mode of entry into international market, time of entry, support networks, barriers, and knowledge and experience of the social enterprises’ key actors to initiate, nurture and sustain their trading operations.

A mix of communication and learning contents will be available in the next months for all the Social Enterprises that will be interested in the development of their internationalization.

Some of this video are already available on the Intsense website at this link


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