VsI Inovaciju biuras

VsI Inovaciju biuras (Innovation Office) creates supportive environment for people’s activity, creativity and innovations. Organization invites to participate in different courses, seminars, workshops, and other events as people could gain more knowledge and be more creative and more confident in different situations. As well we encourage people to be active, more creative and do not give up. We work with youth in order to gain real experience by developing different projects. Innovation Office acts as incubator for good ideas, inspired by several projects, organization established Innovation Laboratory where young people can learn secrets of entrepreneurship and let to young people to realize their own ideas.
Innovation Office encourages people to make changes step-by-step, in order to grow innovations inside themselves.
Our organization consists of very enthusiastic members, other people (more than 200) are involved in organization activities in non-formal way. Institution has flat organizational structure with elements from team and network organizations.