Promoting Volunteerism
Jul 01, 2019

Promoting Volunteerism

Volunteering is an important aspect of social enterprises. Without volunteers, many social enterprises would not be able to continue working or developing their services. The importance of volunteering is recognized by the national volunteer development agency, Volunteer Ireland. ( They help celebrate and promote volunteering in Ireland through a number of volunteer centers. These centers hold events for promoting and recruiting volunteers.

The Tipperary Volunteering Fair 2019 was held in Cahir on June 25th. This was an opportunity for members of the public to meet local community groups and to find out what services they offer and what volunteer roles they may have available. Over 35 organizations took part.

There were a number of keynote speakers and an opportunity given for community groups to speak about their organization and promote their services. It was an occasion to celebrate the work of organizations that rely on volunteers, to highlight the work they do, to recruit new members and network with other organizations and thus help connect communities through volunteering.


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