Update from Wrexham Glyndwr University
Feb 26, 2019

Update from Wrexham Glyndwr University

In terms of the project, we have been working on the interview data which will form the basis for the educational modules. We are anticipate that this will be complete before we have our final project meeting in Freiburg in April 2019.

In terms of dissemination we have been promoting the project locally and Dr Sarah Evans has meet with our local council, local social enterprises and has given a presentation at an “Open House for Researchers” event at the University.

This week Sarah will be presenting a paper at the COST Action SE Empower Social Enterprise, Health and Social Care Conference at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences and promoting the work we have been doing in the InTSEnSE project.

Also at Glyndwr we have been working with the Crafts Council on an exploratory study looking at the role of craft based social enterprises and well-being. So far we have visited some diverse organisations such as Shelanu, based in Birmingham and Artisan Collective in Prestatyn.

Sarah has recently become an advisor to the Board of Governors at Splash Magic, which is a large leisure centre based in the Wrexham area. Splash Magic also won Welsh Social Enterprise of the year 2018. Further information about Splash Magic can be found at www.plas-madoc.com.


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